Jeezy has this book out called Adversity For Sale and I went to a dinner at BOA to celebrate its release along with some other members of the media. Afterward, we got the chance to ask him a few questions and patiently sat and answered everyone’s questions thoroughly. I personally had a bunch of questions but chose to just ask his thoughts on alter egos and what made Jeezy Da Snowman to where he is now. The other question was about a beat Just Blaze put on SoundCloud.

The beat is called “Miracle.” I thought it was a big deal when he tweeted about it but no one seems to remember it happening but, me? It was meant for Jeezy and JAY-Z, so I wanted to hear his thoughts on why a song never came from it. When I asked, he didn’t remember. That’s when I knew I was probably one of the few people who probably remember when this happened. I was a news writer once upon a time, so maybe it was a huge thing in the newsroom. I can’t remember.

The dinner was nice. BOA is always exquisite. Looking forward to I Might Forgive..But I Don’t Forget.

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