while reminiscing about myspace, i decided to do one of those bulletin surveys.

and i found a myspace survey from 2008.

Who makes you smile the most? money. 
What makes you unique? my mind.
Whats your favorite movie? the wood.
Do you collect anything? If so what? rocks and seashells from the beach.
Are you taken or single? bitch, im single like the lil wayne song.
Whats one thing you do before you go to bed? doom scroll twitter and instagram.
What piercings do you want/have? nose and belly piercings.
If you could be with anyone right now, who would it be? the love of my life.
Whats your favorite energy drink? coffee.
How big is your bed? big enough.
Do you cause trouble? depends on who you ask.
Have you ever skipped a class at school? b2k’s pandemonium dropped and I needed the lil fizz cover, yes.
Whats your favorite pizza place? quarter sheets pizza.
Whats your favorite website? uproxx.
Have you ever screamed so loud you lost your voice? every rolling loud i fear.
How many burned cds do you have? loaded question.
Why do you do these surveys? i get bored.
Do you like school? school is cool.
Have you ever gotten something stolen? If so what? my time.
Whats your favorite axe body spray? idk how to answer this one.
Do you own a fish tank with fish? no.
Do you like the movie 300? it’s cool.
Is your room clean or messy? combination.
What is your favorite song at the moment? how high? by ice spice.
Do you have a song stuck in your head? If so what? patience by lil uzi vert and don toliver.
What is your current mood? chill.
Do you have limewire? nah, it’s 2023 now. i got apple music.
Do you have a special someone? does a special someone have me is the real question.
Do you have msn, yahoo, aim or gmail? gmail.
Whos on your mind right now? seeing beyonce at the renaissance world tour.
Do you like hanging at the beach? love it.
Have you ever been heartbroken? true.
Do you pop your knuckles? sometimes.
What did you do today? work from home.
If you could put any wild color in your hair, what would it be? hot pink.
Do you like scary or gory movies? i used to.
Do you like Italian food? boring.
What is your favorite language? portuguese and french.
Whats your favorite gum flavor? winterfresh.
Do you have photoshop? yup.
Do you buy ringtones on your cell? nah. i keep it on dnd, though.
Are you a random person? am i answering this survey rn?
Do you use tinypic or photobucket? nah, it’s 2023. i got instagram.
What is your favorite mythical creature? red ruby da sleeze.
Do you have/had braces? nah.
Are you easily entertained? yes, but also easily bored. what’s next?
Do you like George Bush? who?
Whats your favorite class in school? history and politics.
Can you drive yet? a big body benz.
Is your cell phone pre-paid or non pre-paid? non pre-paid with unlimited text, web and minutes.

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