I can’t stop thinking about Gunna flashing the book Propaganda by Edward Bernays during his sold-out performance at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, last year.

Right before he performed “alright” off a Gift and a Curse, the book flashed for nearly three seconds. Amid a visual montage of talking heads criticizing him fleshed in with equally doubtful news headlines, there’s a part in there where he flicks a lighter and then the camera pans to a table, spotlighting the historic literature.

Oh, who is Edward Bernays? Well, he’s the reason you prefer Netflix and treat Hulu like an afterthought. He’s the reason cigarettes were once considered sexy. He invented the spin. He’s the wiz behind the curtain. Edward and Kris Jenner would probably be besties, tbh.

That was in September and yet, I am still wondering if Gunna has ever read Propaganda or if the book was just used as a prop for his propagandizing (I think I may have made that up? haha). The montage also called for Young Thug’s freedom with a #FreeJeffery bat signal shining everywhere as he performed their hits “Hot” and “Surf.”

I am of the tribe of folks who believe that Young Thug will be freed. It’s hard for me to believe that Gunna is not looking out for him — regardless of what it may appear like to the public. That’s what propaganda is all about.

I have been watching YSL’s RICO trial on YouTube daily and it’s just as bootsy as the indictment I read. Apparently, they’re trying to block the live stream of the trial; but it’s too late. Between the “comfort breaks” and not knowing “$24M on a 🥷🏽 head” was in reference to a pink diamond Lil Uzi Vert implanted into his forehead (and not a hit), LeBron James on camera calling someone “slime” and Slug confirming there’s no approval process for YSL membership…Yeah, gon’ ahead and let Thugger out so we can get back to the music. Once Jeffery is free, I absolutely need to see him perform “Oh U Went” live. Istg he went crazy on that hoe.

Whether Propaganda appeared in the montage as a prop or as something meaningful Gunna once read, I think Bernays would approve.

Anyway, check out some flicks I took of Gunna at his show and a few flicks I got of DDG and Flo Milli, who opened up for him.