Everyday it’s not Friday, I can’t wait for it to be Friday.

To make it through the week, music is my saving grace and so is this playlist. It’s nothing but all the chill and motivating vibes that I like to listen to as I push through my work week, walk to grab a cup of coffee, wander around Whole Foods in search of the perfect girl dinner, when I don’t feel like thinking, and many other life events that call for some quality music time.

I want to share that with you all. Maybe it will help you get through your week too. I plan to update this once a week. At random. So just make sure you save this playlist to your phone so you can know when it’s updated. Or just keep checking back here. Totally up to you!

The playlist features various artists from all kinds of genres and everything just kind of flows together. It’s interesting how, that no matter where a song is made or who makes it, a lot of them are kind of similar in vibe and context. That’s all this playlist is. A vibe. Who actually cares who is on it? Just go with the flow.

Muah! xoxo

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