When I’m going through a turbulent time in life, I usually turn to music to drown it all out until it’s over. When that time comes, I never forget the songs and albums that helped me get through it. 

Nicki Minaj has done that for me so many times.

Particularly around 2015 and 2016. Around that time I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I had recently moved from Houston to Los Angeles and it wasn’t easy, to say the least. Texas to California, culturally is different in so many ways. My family was supportive in a way — but they didn’t fully understand what my mission was. I thought about going back to Texas so many times. I also listened to so much music (shoutout to SoundCloud) and a lot of Nicki.

The Pinkprint was in rotation heavy. Her vulnerability on The Pinkprint inspired me to feel more comfortable with any faults I perceive to have and to keep going. She put away the alter egos and gave the world Onika. When I got into my car on my way to work, “Win Again” got played back-to-back. This was during a time when I had discovered a book titled The Kybalion and learned about the law of attraction, so naturally, I became more self-aware. Then songs like “Moment 4 Life” and “Fly” began to hit a little different and it’s like, “Wow, thank you for motivating me this whole time without me knowing.”

After what she helped me get through with just her music, I could never turn my back.

I am in a lot better space than I was in 2016, but I still go through shit. I just learned how to deal with it better. I am still not the best at it, but I am always learning (and apologizing). So after I experienced a string of betrayals from people I considered close friends, like intentional sabotage, songs like “Chun Li” and “Hard White,” have come to inspire me as of late.

I am just so happy Pink Friday 2 is on the way and it already has a song that motivates me: “Big Difference.”

Check out my list below.


15. Gotta Go Hard

14. Fly

13. Good Form

12. No Frauds

11. Seeing Green

10. Feeling Myself

9. Chun Li

8. We Go Up

7. Big Difference

6. Hard White

5. Red Ruby Da Sleeze

4. Boss Ass B*tch Remix

3. All Things Go

2. Moment 4 Life

1. Win Again

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